Pain Cobain

He had so much pain, nonetheless was one of the most amazing people to ever walk this Earth.


28. September 2014

My laptop is acting very odd so I won’t be able to post anything this week. I’ll try my best to post something but it probably won’t happen. I’ll still be able to answer questions though.
I hope you understand!
Peace : )

Anonymous: One time I wore my nirvana shirt to school and this girl looked at me and smiled. I expected a compliment from her. She tells me "ohmygod I LOVE your Kurt Cobain shirt! I don't care about the other two." I got so pissed off. How do your just say that about two other very important band members? Without Krist and Dave, nirvana wouldn't exist. I just thought I'd share.. I love your blog dude! Pretty rad cx

I think this girl isn’t a fan (obvi) and just likes Kurt for his looks (prob). If it were me I would’ve asked why and if she says looks I’d probably end the convo there!

Peace :P

and thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous: I love Nirvana, but it bothers me how much they're idolized. They're good in all but it seems like people just stop there. Grunge has so much more to offer than Nirvana. Soundgarden, L7, fucking Pearl jam. and Alice in Chains, of course.

There’s (almost) always the one artist that a whole genre is known for. Because of Nevermind NIRVANA got HUUGE! That was it. Right then and there, NIRVANA became the symbol of grunge for generations to come although there were other grungier bands that were amazing as well (i agree with you).


definitively-not-a-model: You made me feel so much better, Ly ♥♥♥

You’re welcome and thanks!! LY 2!

definitively-not-a-model: I'm turning 17 next month and I'm the ONLY ONE in my class that likes Nirvana. I am wierd?

Maybe, maybe not. There are quite a few artists I listen to that no one else does either so by that standard I’m weird too!

You’re definitely not weird just because you listen to NIRVANA though!


Anonymous: I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG!! it's been my favorite Nirvana/kurt blog for ages :)))

This compliment took my breath away! Thank you! : ) 

Honestly, I never thought this blog would be someone’s favorite because of all of the other great NIRVANA/Kurt blogs out there!

P.S. I’m going to go to some homework now (blech!) so if you send me a message I won’t read it till later or maybe tomorrow (it depends on how the homework went)


Peace : )

z7c: ur so cool

Thanks man! No one’s ever told me that before! :D

Anonymous: I literally only listen to nirvana It's not purposely it just sort of happens that way. It's usually them radio head and blind melon I listen to all the time. I sometimes think thats really weird. .-. Idk

A lot of people are like that! Some people have only a genre, some only an artist etc. I don’t think it’s weird at all! Maybe a bit rare though! : )

Anonymous: I listen to nirvana everyday habitually im 15 so less listen to it then when your seventeen. Its weird

Depending on where you live, the younger you are the less people listen to NIRVANA. My sister is only 11 years old and nearly everyone her age likes NIRVANA!  : 0

Peace! : )